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Town History

Historic People & Places of Gettysburg • At the opening of the Civil War, Gettysburg was a typical northern community made up of English, German, Irish, and African-Americans of various religious, economic, and cultural backgrounds. But in July 1863, Gettyburg’s citizens found themselves at the center of a great American Civil War battle during which they endured occupation and hardship. In the aftermath of battle, townspeople provided medical assistance, buried the dead, and began preserving the battleground. This extraordinary experience gave Gettysburg’s citizens—and citizens of the entire nation—a perception of its unique and important place in history. “History is far more than the excitement of battle, the flags and guns and desperate assaults. In a place like Gettysburg, the visitor—the native for that matter—may easily become absorbed in the three days of conflict, forgetting that history was also made here in quiet lives, on farm and village street, through a century before the battle, through a century after it.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Local History Resources

Adams County Historical Society • Wayne Motts, Director (717 334 4723)

Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides • (717 337 1709)

Borough of Gettysburg • Historical Architectural Review Board • Gary W. Shaffer, Chairman (717 334 1160)

Gettysburg College Civil War Institute • (717 337 6590)

Eisenhower National Historic Site • (717 338 9114)

Evergreen Cemetery Association • (717 334 4121)

Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg • (717 334 0772)

The Generals of Gettysburg • Roger D. Linder

Gettysburg Anniversary Committee • (717 338 1525)

Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association • (717 337 0031)

Gettysburg Civil War Roundtable • Linda Joswick, Newsletter Editor

Gettysburg College Civil War Era Studies • (717 337 6908)

Gettysburg Convention and Visitors Bureau • (717 334 6274)

Gettysburg Museum Foundation • (202 216 8926)

Gettysburg National Military Park • Katie Lawhon, Public Relations Director (717 334 1124)

Seminary Ridge Historic Preservation Foundation • (717 338 3030)

YWCA Elderhostel • (717 334 9171)

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